Ryan Cengel MA RD LD CPT


Ryan Cengel RD LD CPT  MAT


Health Science Technology instructor that has the pleasure of preparing the next generation of health care professionals here at Lanier. In addition to being a teacher, I am also a Registered Dietitian with degrees in Culinary Arts and Nutrition as well as a Masters Degree in teaching. My experience includes many years working as a chef, volunteering as an organic farmer for a year with AmeriCorps, two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, 2 years as a clinical dietian in a community hospital and over 3 years working as a dietitian for the WIC program. This is my seventh year teaching and my sixth year at Lanier High School. Go Vikings!

Class Schedule

A Days

1st/2nd Period  Fitness Trainer Practicum

3rd Period Anatomy and Physiology

4th Period Anatomy and Physiology

B Days

5th/6th Period Pharmacy Tech Practicum

7th Period Anatomy and Physiology

8th Period Planning Period

Office/Tutoring Hours

Monday Through Thursday 8:00-8:45 AM




Nursing Academy Application 2015.docx Nursing Academy Application 2015.docx
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Course information, links and homework for Mr. Cengel

 Fitness Trainer Practicum

Students will understand the concepts around personal fitness training and work towards a certification as a personal trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine. (NASM)

 Homework, Powerpoints and Important Documents



Fitness Trainer Practicum 2015-2016.doc Fitness Trainer Practicum 2015-2016.doc
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Pharmacy Tech Practicum 

Students will develop advanced clinical skills related to the pharmacy profession.  Students will have the opportunity to develop skills and competencies through a clinical pharmacy experience at Walgreen’s Pharmacies and become licensed Pharmacy Technicians.

  Homework, Powerpoints and Important Documents

Pharmacy Tech Practicum 2015-2016.doc Pharmacy Tech Practicum 2015-2016.doc
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Anatomy and Physiology

Students will understand the structure and function of the human body and how the body systems work together to manitain homeostasis. 

Homework, Powerpoints and Important Documents